Command Coin
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The start...
Insurance companies, mortgage brokers, government regulation industries,

the military, and many more are actively seeking out developers and will

continue to do so moving forward.

The world’s growing reliance on technology to get things done is making

developers more important than ever and blockchain is just the start of the


Technology is only going to change more and more over the

next ten years, there has never been a better time to be a developer and

this is where we start...
Don't let the lack of technology skills stop you to make your ideas

come true. We are here to make it happen, together, with you.

Your wish will be our cmd.

Our project is to build a marketplace where devs can list their

services. Imagine the mix between Linkedin and Ebay but for

software and using cryptocurrency to pay for it. 

On our marketplace you will find from thousands of developers

the one that will bring your project to reality.

If it's an app, a website, database, a cryptocurrency or any piece of

software that we need to build, consider it done! 
Why Command Coin ?
Using Command Coin ( CMD) will grant you at least 10 % discount.

Other Cryptocurrencies like BTC and ETH will also be accepted
Technical Specs:

Algorithm   Scrypt

Type   PoW/PoS/MN

Coin name   CommandCoin

Coin abbreviation   CMD

Address letter   C

RPC port   39004

P2P port   39003

Block reward   25 coins

Coin supply   23100000 coins

Last PoW (Mining) Block: 10000 then POS

Masternodes wll be implemented later

Estimated collateral: 20k coins